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The movie you are watching is about a thief who specializes in breaking into rich houses to steal things. He has successfully committed many robberies targeting wealthy families without ever being detected. This time, he committed a burglary in a quite spacious and spacious house. The house was very big but only the couple lived, that's because he had been investigating and observing for many days. He unlocked the door easily, unlike a professional. The house is so big but there is no alarm system at all. Then he entered the house as if it were empty, went through several empty rooms and then entered a bedroom that seemed to belong to a woman. A lot of expensive jewelry was kept in luxurious boxes in drawers and dressing tables. It was like he had found a gold mine, scooping it all up, putting it in his bag and then searching the surrounding cabinets. While he was happy to have won the trick, he heard a growing argument outside the door, so he quickly hid behind the closet door. Outside, the homeowner couple was arguing loudly, then the husband left. The homeowner's wife, Jasmine James, entered the room and saw everything in disarray and saw the thief standing there... The content will be clear to everyone who sees it.

Lucky thief

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 Actor: Jasmine James 

 Category: European Sex Movies Adultery Sex Movie XVIDEOS XNXX SEXTOP1 

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